Catching Up

Forever 21 jeans/thrifted sweater/Old Navy shoes/Francesca's blouse

I am not a Winter person.  I always dress in bright colors just to remind myself that Spring time is coming 

I am looking forward to the next few weekends since I have a couple of happy events coming up. I am taking Ryan to a surprised anniversary celebration,  since we really didn't get to go out for our 4 year.  I cannot believe how time has flown by the years are just going faster and faster as I get older.

I wore this outfit actually back in November.  I don't know why I kind of stop posting, since this is the hobby I love the most.  Taking pictures and writing on here really make me happy.  

I will not stop again.  I will do three post a week like I used to do back when I started.

Hope you are all having a great start to the new year!

xo, Yaudy Cristina



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