New York Botanical Gardens

Zara jeans / shoes / shirt / Forever 21 jacket / Rebecca Minkoff bag 


And we say good bye to March in a very orchid way!

I spent last Sunday walking around the NYBG, admiring beautiful and breathtaking  displays of orchids and flowers from all over the world.

As always I tried to keep it fashionable, but it was so cold out that I completely froze.  I love wearing faux leather motto jackets, they are the perfect transition piece, but obviously when it is a bit warmer LOL 

Another trend I am loving right now are MOM jeans.  They remind me so much of the 90's and I really love the comfort and great fit.  This is the second time I wore these ones from Zara and I have them on rotation for more outfits :)  

Happy Good Friday to all!

xo, Yaudy Cristina


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