This Blazer Got Me Like....One Of Three

Asos blazer / Uniqlo pants / H&M shoes / F21 top

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When I used to have a customer facing position at my company I dreaded wearing blazers. Every morning,  I used to pick out the same outfit, black blazer, black pants and just change the color of my blouse and shoes.  It was the easier thing to do. I never thought of wearing a dress with a blazer or even ventured out on a different color pattern other than black, navy or grey.

You would think that now since I'm able to wear "business casual" I would ditch the blazers lol instead I've incorporated more color into my wardrobe and mostly style separate pieces, that way I can make three outfits out of one item.

I've being eyeing a blazer just like this one from Zara that was closed to $125, but I just couldn't see myself spending that much.  The "I want" vs 'I need" play a big part into my decision making when it comes to purchasing new items and this time the I don't need it won.  That was until I saw this one from Asos for only $43. 

well, the rest is history! and for the next couple of post I will show how I style this gem three times.  For the office, a concert and Sunday brunch. 

xo, Yaudy Cristina


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