Walking Garret Mountain

Exercise plays a big part in my life ever since my weight loss I make it a priority to workout 4 times a week. Zumba is one of my favorite cardio exercises, it is fun and entertaining my second favorite is Spinning I still remember my first class I was out of breath and swore I was never doing that again. Five years later I can't live without my two classes a week. 
I decided to start working-out when I got a bad doctors report. Cholesterol and high blood pressure were two things I didn't want to hear at my early thirties so I decided to give myself a goal to loose weight, get healthy and most important be active and stay that way.  I started walking at the park during Winter I was determined when the weight started to come off and with that my health was back on track I can't even described how wonderful I felt I was non-stoppable. I tracked my calories with MyFittnessPal and recorded everything I ate, even when I cheated that step was the most important it helped me understand that eating healthy and drinking water are a must.
This past Saturday my friend Maria and I took a long walk at Garret Mountain it was my first time there and I loved it! Definitely doing that again...

"You can do anything"

Yaudy Cristina

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