Yoplait Greek 100 Yogurt #TasteOff

It has been confirmed on a national taste test that Yopalit Greek 100 Strawberry won over Chobani Simply 100 Strawberry and since yogurt is one of my favorite snacks I decided to take the Taste-Off challenge myself. 
Exercising and eating healthy it is very important to me and Greek yogurt   has played a big part of my diet so I was very excited when they started making the lighter versions. I was very happy to try both yogurts so as soon as I heard about the challenge I was on board right away.
  As soon as I opened the Yoplait cup I was drawn to smell and after I mixed the fruit the pink color caught my eye right away.

Info about Yoplait 100:
Since I count my calories eating a delicious snack that has only 100 calories per 5.3 ounces a cup was very important. It is available nationally and it comes in 12 delicious flavors.

Black Cherry
Strawberry Banana
Key Lime
Mixed Fruit
Apple Pie
Strawberry Cheesecake

Even though Chobani has also only 100 calories per cup the main thing I didn't like was the after taste and another down side it only comes in 6 flavors.

Check this yogurt out own your own and visit the website "where to buy" and go get your favorite flavor!
Take the Taste-Off challenge and share your stories!

Thanks for reading.

* This story was sponsored by Yoplait, but the best yogurt was determined by me.


  1. I actually don't like yogurt, unless it's frozen yogurt!

    1. I love frozen yogurt also!! I go to Cups twice a week lol

  2. I love that it's only 100 calories! Perfect snack :)

  3. Awesome sweater!

    Yoplait won in mine, too! http://www.2girlsin2cities.com/2014/04/yoplait-greek-100-taste-off.html

  4. I preferred yoplait as well! Cool sweatshirt!!!


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