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Yoplait Greek 100 Yogurt #TasteOff

It has been confirmed on a national taste test that Yopalit Greek 100 Strawberry won over Chobani Simply 100 Strawberry and since yogurt is one of my favorite snacks I decided to take the Taste-Off challenge myself.  Exercising and eating healthy it is very important to me and Greek yogurt   has played a big part of my diet so I was very excited when they started making the lighter versions. I was very happy to try both yogurts so as soon as I heard about the challenge I was on board right away.   As soon as I opened the Yoplait cup I was drawn to smell and after I mixed the fruit the pink color caught my eye right away.

Info about Yoplait 100: Since I count my calories eating a delicious snack that has only 100 calories per 5.3 ounces a cup was very important. It is available nationally and it comes in 12 delicious flavors.
Strawberry Blueberry Black Cherry Strawberry Banana Vanilla Peach Key Lime Lemon Mixed Fruit Tropical Apple Pie Strawberry Cheesecake
 Chobani: Even though Chobani has also …

Under The Cherry Blossom

Floral pants what a surprise!  I told you guys I have been wearing flowers on me almost everyday haha  These pants are truly my favorite (I know I say that with everything) but for real they are. I love the print I love the colors and I love that I can dress them down for a weekend look or wear them at the office with a tuxedo blazer and pumps like I did here. I loved them so much I also bought them in black and grey and I worned them even during Winter. 
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Weekend Fun

This past Saturday for date night my husband and I went to Mexicali Live a great place with amazing food and awesome entertainment. So if you are ever in the Northern NJ area and are looking for a great spot where you can eat dinner and listen to live music this is your place!

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Sunday Pins: Midi Skirt

I have an obsession with midi skirts I own a couple of them but sadly I have not had a chance to do an outfit post because the weather does not want to cooperate with me. Here are a few of my favorite.. Can't wait to wear mine :) xo, Yaudy

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At Home Manicure

I have been asked a lot about my nails lately so I decided to share how I do my nails at home.  Sometimes I get my nails done at a salon but I enjoy doing them myself playing with colors and designs, plus it is easier to change colors if they don't last a whole week.
Here are the steps I follow.
 On the first picture are all the tools you will need, last minute I decided to change my color from nude to green.  I start by taking my nail polish off 
 I push back my cuticles and cut them. I only cut them every two weeks but push them back everytime

 When you file the nail do it only in one direction that way you prevent breakage and splitting  
then I buff them 
 Once all that is done I wash my hands and use nail polish remover one more time on the clean nails
 I start by painting one line in the middle then go side to side  I usually do two coats
 Last step apply a top coat my favorite is Inm Out The Door because it is fast drying 
and whoa la the finished product!!
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2014 Billboard Latin Music Awards

These ladies were stunning last night at the 2014 Billboard Latin Music Awards. Beautiful spring colors and white dresses love the lace on the black dress and the back on the yellow!
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Insta Moments


Bargain Clutch

I treated myself to a new clutch two weeks ago. Not that I need another clutch but hey, I bought it at T.J Maxx so you know I found a bargain, a very good one! I found this Cole Hann clutch for $49 and I was a happy Maxxinista lol I spent all my shopping budget on it but sometimes sacrifices must be made for sales (shopaholic mentality) I wanted a casual look so I styled it with jeans and  leopard wedges I added a statement necklace and a bright lip, my two favorite staples.
Can I tell you how much I love my new haircut the layers make a huge difference I am glad my hairdresser decided to ignore me when I told her no layers but she did them anyways.. Sometimes is good to just let go and listen to the experts.  
Hope you guys had a nice week!
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Top: T.J. Maxx Jeans: Gap Shoes: Jessica Simpson via T.J. Maxx Clutch: Cole Hann Via T.J.  Maxx Necklace: H&M Rings: H&M Lipstick: Sephora in N20 Nails: Essie in …