Friday, July 19, 2013

Night Skin Care Routine

Here are some of my favorites facial products that I am using right now. As you can see the majority are from the drugstores. Because I have combination skin and prone to acne I have tried almost everything out there. Right now these are a few of my favorites and the ones that work well for me during the summer.

 The first thing I do is take my makeup off with this old time favorite. Ponds Cold cream it deep cleans and removes all my makeup (even waterproof mascara) without leaving my skin greasy.

Then, I remove the Pond's cream with this Aveeno Ultra Calming cleansing wipes. 

I finished removing everything by washing my face with the Aveeno Ultra Calming foaming cleanser. My skin tends to get red, but I have noticed a huge difference since I started washing my face with this product. It definately leaves it soft without over drying it.

If there is any mascara left I wipe it off with the L'oreal eye makeup remover. I used to buy more expensive ones, but this one does a great job. It is oil free and does not hurt my eyes.

After all that, I use this alcohol free toner also from L'oreal. It leaves my skin soft and it doesn't over dry it.

The only thing I expend money on are moisturizers, this one is from BareMinerals. It softens all the lines and in the morning my skin is looking softer, not oily and looking younger. I even apply this one under my eyes.

And for during the day...

I apply Anew Rejuvenate from Avon as my moisturizer. I also use Anew for under my eyes. 

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Hope you have an amazing weekend!